Construal Level International Multilab Replication Project

Join a global network of labs in the largest ever collaborative effort
to evaluate construal level theory.

Note that the last day to sign up to participate in the project is January 31 2024. 

What’s the project’s aim? To replicate key findings underpinning Construal Level Theory (CLT)—a theory that suggests that psychologically distant things are more abstractly represented than psychologically close ones.

Which studies are we aiming to replicate? CLT suggests that there are four forms of psychological distance: temporal, spatial, social, and likelihood. For the first study, we will conduct four experiments, each examining one of these distances. More information can be found here.

How will we do it? We will use a multi-lab approach where each lab collects data on all four studies. Rather than replicating a single empirical finding, this approach allows us to subject CLT to multiple testing from different angles.

What’s the timeline? We have received an in-principle acceptance at Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science (AMPPS, January, 2023). You can find the preprint of the Stage 1 paper here. The current plan is that data collection will take place from spring 2023 to 2024. More updates here.

What’s required of you? 
·  Collect data from a minimum of 100 participants.
·  Complete data collection within the data collection window, which we estimate will close October 2024. 
·  Have access to computer(s) on which participants complete the study.
·  If necessary, contribute to the translation and/or language-appropriate adjustment of the study materials (applies to non-Swedish and non-English speaking labs only). 

What about statistical power? As of February 27 2023, 75 labs have confirmed that they will contribute to the project. This will give us a total N of at least 7,500. With our design, we’ll have 1,875 participants for each experiment. This sample size will provide 97.2% power to detect an effect of d = .20 (assuming 1% heterogeneity)—less than half the size of the effect estimated in the latest meta-analysis of CLT. You can read more about power here.

What’s in this for you? Co-authorship on one of the first large-scale multi-lab replications on Construal Level Theory! This is an ideal project for an ambitious student.

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