Status updates

January 2

In-principle acceptance at AMPPS

The Stage 1 manuscript has received an IPA at AMPPS. We are currently making preparations for translations and data collection, which is planned to start as soon as possible. You find the preprint of the Stage 1 manuscript here:
September 6

Revise and resubmit

We received positive news from AMPPS to revise and resubmit a forth time. The paper is moving towards a Stage 1 In Principle Acceptance. The Gothenburg team is working on changes to the study plan and manuscript. The preliminary time to start data collection is early 2023.

June 26

Paper resubmitted

The study was resubmitted to AMPPS a third time. Substantial changes were made to the study plan.

August 4

Revise and resubmit

We received a revise-and-resubmit decision from AMPPS and we are currently working on the resubmission. Translations and data collection that were preliminarily scheduled for early fall 2021 will be postponed, and we’ll keep all labs posted about the progress via email.

June 21

RRR resubmitted

We resubmitted the Stage 1 Registered Replication Report to AMPPS. All contributing lab PI should’ve received the manuscript via email. Translations of study materials are planned for the beginning of fall 2021.

February 19

Journal decision: Revise and resubmit

We received the first reviews on the Stage 1 manuscript which will be revised and resubmitted to AMPPS. One major change is that we’ll replace the social-distance study with a second temporal-distance study: Liberman and Trope (1998, Study 1). Data collections will be delayed until the beginning of fall 2021 at its earliest.

November 6

Paper under peer-review

The paper passed the editorial review process and will be sent out for peer review. We should learn the results from the review process within 10 weeks.

October 30

Revised paper submitted to AMPPS

Changes were made based on comments from an initial editorial review. They mainly concerned adding more detail to the paper. The study protocols and analysis plan are still the same as in the initial submission.

September 1

Changes to the RRR

The CLIMR coordinators are currently making changes to the RRR according to suggestions from an initial internal review at AMPPS. A lot has to do with including more details in the manuscript itself and specifying our analysis plan in more detail. When we’ve resubmitted the paper it will go out for peer-review.

July 2

Internal review completed

An initial internal review at AMPPS was completed. In sum, the project is considered to be a worthwhile project.

June 30

Writing ethics applications

The CLIMR coordinators sent e-mails to all labs who registered before this date with documents specifying the study procedures in more detail. It is also available here. This can be used to apply for ethical approval for the study at labs’ local review boards.

June 23

Paper submitted

The study was submitted as a Registered Replication Report to Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science (AMPPS).

June 22

95 collaborating labs!

You can read more about labs and power here.

February 23

Started recruiting labs

It’s not too late to join as a collaborating lab.

February 2

Project started

We received a four-year grant from the Swedish Research Council to replicate key experimental findings underpinning construal level theory. Read more about the aim and specific studies here.